Mission Statement

“To maintain and promote the education of children from the earliest age in accordance with the ethos and educational philosophy of the late Dr. Maria Montessori. Through the operation of a first level, multi-denominational, co-educational school run on the principles of the Montessori Method through the National Curriculum. I wish to make the Montessori Method available to as many children as possible from all social backgrounds, not just those that can afford it.”

About Miss Mary

In 1977 I graduated from U.C.D. with B.Sc in zoology, botany and biochemistry. I received my H.Dip.Ed., from Maynooth University in 1979. I was a second level science teacher for a short time before my marriage in 1980.

Following the birth of my first child in 1981, I began to read the work of Dr. Maria Montessori and became captivated by her philosophy as I observed the progress of my baby. Soon after I enrolled to study a correspondence course in Montessori education from St. Nicholas College, Dun Laoghaire. I graduated with Advanced Montessori Diploma (St. Nicholas, London).

In 1986 St. Nicholas College offered a 3 year degree course validated by HETAC. I thus went to Omagh College to update my qualification to National Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education (HETAC level 7). Following this, I returned as a lecturer to Omagh College and lectured there until 2009.


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