Practical Life

Exercises based on real life situations that a child experiences in the home. Develops concentration, order, self-discipline and independence. Exercises include care of environment and person, as well as grace and courtesy.


Exercises used for refining the senses. Develops concentration, order and creativity.


From sandpaper letters to large moveable alphabet to reading boxes, language enrichment is priority throughout the morning and there is specific language used with materials. Children are encouraged to have and express opinions and discuss topical events etc.


Materials introduce mathematics in a concrete way and children learn through the apparatus. There is a great deal of material available here with parallel exercises so there is always a wide choice.

Art and Music

Through matching cards, children can learn about different artists and normally in the last term, we will do a project on Van Gogh and Picasso.

Cultural Subjects

  • Geography:
  • This includes some knowledge of the solar system, reasons for alteration of day and night, Summer and Winter. The study of volcanoes and how the earth formed leads onto the globe and jigsaw maps of the continents. Following the interest of the child, this has led on to project work to find out about the animals and people of the different continents. 

  • History:
  • This deals with the story of mankind and it also includes history about the passage of time, starting with their own life. The story of how life began leads onto the timeline.

  • Biology (Zoology & Botany):

    In this area I try to give the children an appreciation of nature. From watching, observing and identifying birds in their daily habits and thus observing change of seasons and how birds behave. We grow seeds and watch miracles of nature before our own eyes. The children are made aware of the importance of recycling and protecting our planet. Materials are present for plant and animal classification.

  • General Science:
  • Again this is to help the children to attempt to understand their environment, we try to arise the spontaneous interest and curiosity of the child and meet their demands by giving practical experience in simple experiments i.e. working with magnets, floating etc.


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