During the past 2 weeks, both the morning and afternoon children,along with Mums,Dads and siblings have  had a visit to”Eagles Flying”.The sun smiled down on us on both occasions making it a very special day. The children were so excited walking in past the different types of sheep,goats and donkeys grazing in the fields and then seeing the birds of prey in their enclosures, The peacock strutted past and one of the girls showed them the ferrets. We then took our seats in the arena for the Bird Show. It was an amazing and a very interactive show with  Lother introducing the different owls,eagles and other raptors in a very entertaining way. He spoke using simple language for the children with even the smallest child spellbound. He has a very friendly special way with the birds and both parents and children were able to touch and have the birds land on their hands without any fear!After the show,we visited the petting zoo.A LARGE family of pigs greeted us and nuzzled up looking for food. The children were able to cuddle the rabbits,piglets,guinea pigs and even baby mice whilst the raccoon poked his nose into pockets looking for tit bits! All agreed that it was a great day out and Lothers passion and vision for conservation and his research projects left all adults full of admiration for the brilliant work he does in preserving these wonderful creatures in a very natural environment.


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